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"Eis Servire Qui Serviverunt- Of Service To Those Who Served."

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NARPO was formed in 1919 and has almost 86,000 members split between 117 Branches throughout England and Wales. It is the sole recognised Association to represent retired Police Officers and it is affiliated to similar associations in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the British Transport Police.

Its objects are to safeguard the rights of members and to promote measures for their welfare, with particular regard to pensions.

Membership is open to every former Police Officer who, having retired from a police force, is or will be entitled to a pension because of police service, and also spouses, partners, widows or widowers of such pensioner, and the widows and widowers of those who died in service.

Nationally, in liaison with the Police Federation, NARPO are involved to influence the Pension debate within the Police Negotiating Board and is a member of the Public Services Pensioners Council, which represents almost two million public service members.

An office staffed by full time officials is maintained at Wakefield and is able to provide advice and assistance, for example in pension or injury on duty appeals.

A quarterly magazine is produced by the national office which is circulated by post to all members. It contains a lively and informative mixture of articles, news and features as well as advertising which has been vetted for its quality and value for money. A regular feature is provided by a State Benefits Consultant who gives up to the minute information and advises on this subject as well as finance in general.

Over the last few years NARPO has developed a number of 'Preferred Provider' arrangements with commercial companies, which provide members with excellent value for money and quality of service.

A complete Insurance service, through our brokers, our brokers Phil Williams & Co, is also available offering quality products at discounted prices, often with benefits not available to the general public.

NARPO also recommends a number of reputable Travel companies but for those who may wish to continue working, employment opportunities are also advertised from firms wishing to utilise the skills and experience of retired Police Officers.


There are four branches namely Blackpool and District, Burnley and District, Preston and District and Lancaster and Morecambe. The Blackpool and the Lancaster and Morecambe branches cover the geographical areas broadly similar to the Western and Northern Police Divisions respectively. The Burnley and District branch covers the Pennine and Eastern Police Division areas. The Preston and District branch covers the Central and Southern Divisional areas plus Force Headquarters. Each has a Committee and holds an Annual General Meeting, which is the opportunity for a general get together with former colleagues.

New members can join whichever Branch they wish and are also able to transfer to another Branch should they wish. If they move out of Lancashire they can join any Branch and even maintain their links with their "parent" Branch if they wish.

The various Branches arrange social events which might range from a holiday abroad, trips to London for several days, single day outings, bowling matches, theatre trips, social evenings, concerts, dinner dance, etc. As usual a few hard working volunteers are required to organise such events but they would be pointless without the members supporting and enjoying the events and each other's company.

But much more important is the Welfare needs of members, particularly in respect of the elderly and infirm and those whose spouse has died. The Constabulary Welfare Officers have contact with each Committee and are able to advise on the assistance available from, for instance, the North West Police Benevolent Fund, Police Dependents Trust, etc and are able to liaise with the Police Convalescent Homes for stays by pensioners in appropriate cases.

A significant number of our members are the widows of former Police Officers and they are just as much members of the "police family" as "those who served" and we need to give them as much support as we can. Please bear this in mind if you have any reservations on joining. You can't be put off by the subscription which is currently £1.41 per month, which is distributed between the national body and the branches.

We are extremely grateful to the Lancashire Police Federation for their offer to pay your first year's NARPO membership subscription. There is ever increasing overlap in respective roles and the liaison and cooperation is excellent.

Don't delay, join today! Please fill in the membership form and post it to the Lancashire Constabulary-Joint Branch Board, Federation Office, 23-25 Hutton Hall Avenue, Police HQ, P.O. Box 77, Hutton, Preston, Lancs, PR4 5SB. Please complete the form indicating which Branch you wish to join and agreeing for the subscriptions to be deducted from your pension. Deductions will not be made for one year.


Blackpool and District:
John Pickard

East Lancashire:
Chris Collett

Lancaster and Morecambe:
Mr Graham Richardson

Preston and District:


We look forward to seeing you. You will be surprised at how many old friends and colleagues you will meet. The camaraderie doesn't cease when you stop working for the Constabulary!