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The Federation negotiates on all aspects of pay, allowances, hours of duty and pension matters.

The Federation is at the forefront of promoting equality issues nationally and within force and can advise on issues relating to all forms of discrimination and Fairness at Work issues.

We can provide free legal advice and representation for many issues including criminal, misconduct, traffic and personal injury. We can also provide legal advice and representation for unlawful discrimination and pension appeals.

Under the Federation Fund Rules we can provide the following (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Free legal advice for members facing criminal proceedings when on duty;
  • Advice and assistance when giving evidence at inquests;
  • Welfare advice and assistance for personal issues;
  • Legal advice to members charged with an offence while driving on duty;
  • Legal advice and representation for misconduct issues;
  • Advice by a trained 'friend' for all misconduct matters;
  • Advice and assistance with civil claims and Industrial Injuries claims;
  • Personal Public Liability cover;
  • Assist with Fairness at Work issues;
  • Offer advice and assistance for sexual, racial or other discriminatory harassment;
  • Support defamation proceedings (in certain circumstances) on behalf of members;
  • Provide representation at Employment Tribunals;
  • Give pensions advice.