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On this page we will publish the results of our ballots / polls. All surveys strive for a high response rate. High response rates help to lower sampling errors. However, no single response rate is considered the standard. The most important consideration, overall, is how the sample is representative of the entire Federated ranks within Lancashire Police.

Please ensure you take part in the monthly polls - we do listen to and value your views.

Results for January 2011

This poll is aimed solely at Response Officers working for Lancashire Constabulary. It is primarily focused on the impact to these officers and their families on the new shift rota which commenced at the beginning of October 2010. It also allows officers to provided comment on the impact on the quality of service that they are able to provide.

The Lancashire Police Federation is cognisant that due to the general economic climate that the country finds itself in that many officers may have views on the questions which may be influenced by those factors, particularly if they impact on the jobs of partners and dependants.

We ask that officers completing the poll are not influenced by factors which are beyond the influence of Lancashire Constabulary and purely focus on the direct impact of the questions being asked.

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